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Frequently Asked Questions: Will be Updated as More Questions Arise

  1. The BRAINterns webinar series is open-access. That means it is free for anyone interested regardless of their background.

  2. Zoom automatically tracks your attendance as long as you join using the link sent in your confirmation email or use the calendar link. It will track your daily, not hourly, attendance.

  3. You don't need to join every webinar to receive credit. We want you to join webinars that you are interested in so don't worry if you aren't at all the webinars.

  4. There will not be any assessments on lecture material. We want you to be able to enjoy the lectures without having to worry about getting quizzed on the material!

  5. Attendance at evening lectures on Instagram live (Lenox Hill Neurosurgery Instagram page) is not recorded but we still recommend you attend.

  6. Everyone is welcome to add this to a resume or application and put me as the contact for the program. When adding it to the resume or application I would mark it as a course, not as an unpaid internship. You will receive a certificate at the end for completing the BRAINterns webinar series which is a course.

  7. Most speakers have chosen not to share their emails but I will post the emails of the ones that offer it. The same goes for the PowerPoints, speakers are encouraging you to check out the YouTube videos if you want to access the PowerPoints but I will post any PowerPoints the speakers send me in the files section of the group.

  8. All morning lectures are available through the zoom link you received after registering. The evening lectures can be found streamed on the Lenox Hill Neurosurgery Instagram page. Attendance at the morning lectures is recorded but attendance at the evening lectures is not. All times for lectures are in eastern standard time zone.

  9. Here is the link for the google calendar with the schedule:

  10. The series begins July 1st and will end July 28th. From July 1st-21st lectures will be presented in English. From July 22nd-28th lectures will be presented in Spanish.

  11. There are no examinations or assignments associated with this program. At the end of the course we will send out a survey that will be mandatory to complete to receive your certificate, but that will come at the end of the course so don’t worry about it now.

  12. If you are joining the webinar series a week, or more later than the start date. You are absolutely still eligible for a certificate as attendance is not mandatory at every lecture. A survey will be sent out at the conclusion of the webinar series through both email and in the Facebook group. The answers to the survey will be completely anonymous so we want you to answer them honestly and to the best of your ability. This is not a test, and will not quiz you on your knowledge from the course but is used to assess the impact of the course and completion of the survey will result in you receiving a certificate of participation. Additionally, you no longer need to email me when the course is complete to receive a certificate. At the completion of the survey, you will receive instructions for how to obtain your certificate so this is how we will verify everyone's participation. Even if you started the program late you can still complete the survey and receive a certifica

  13. Here is the zoom registration link if you haven’t registered, although since you are in this group already I assume you have:

  14. Please keep all communication to email as it can get very hard to track both Facebook messages and emails. My email is (Ashley Rosenberg)

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