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Question: What is BRAINterns?

Answer: The BRAINterns webinar series is open-access. That means it is free for anyone interested, regardless of their background.

Question: How is attendance tracked

Answer: Zoom automatically tracks your attendance as long as you join using the link sent in your confirmation email or use the calendar link. It will track your daily, not hourly, attendance.

Question: If I cannot join every webinar, will I still receive credit for completing the course?

Answer: You don't need to join every webinar to receive credit. We want you to join webinars that interest you, so don't worry if you aren't at all of the webinars.

Question: Will there be any homework assignments or tests?

Answer: There will not be any assessments on lecture material. We want you to be able to enjoy the lectures without having to worry about getting quizzed on the material!

Question: Can I add the BRAINterns Summer Webinar Series to my resume?

Answer: Everyone is welcome to add this to a resume or application and put me as the contact for the program. When adding it to the resume or application, mark it as a course, not as an unpaid internship. You will receive a certificate at the end for completing the BRAINterns webinar series, which is a course.

Question: How can I contact speakers after the webinar series?

Answer: Most speakers have chosen not to share their emails, but I will post the emails of the ones that offer it. The same goes for the PowerPoints; speakers encourage you to check out the YouTube videos if you want to access the PowerPoints, but I will post any PowerPoints the speakers send me in the group's files section.

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