Lenox Hill Neurosurgery BRAINterns Program

Interested in a career in healthcare? Want to work closely with renowned surgeons, PAs, NPs and administrative staff at Lenox Hill Hospital's Neurosurgery Department? Looking for a way to increase your work experience and enhance your CV's? Lenox Hill Neurosurgery's BRAINterns program is right for you!


Lenox Hill Neurosurgery's BRAINterns Program

This summer, Lenox Hill Neurosurgery is offering a summer internship entitled “BraINTERNS” for high school, college and medical students interested in a career in Healthcare. Due to this new remote environment we are living in, we will be offering this program online and enabling that valuable “shadowing” experience through virtual platforms. Through weekly webinars on relevant topics, academic seminars led by leaders from our Lenox Hill Neurosurgery department, and projects focused on the ins and outs of applying to medical school, working for a neurosurgical practice, surgical video editing, and innovation in the clinical research world, students will get an opportunity to work closely with renowned surgeons, PAs, NPs and administrative staff to increase their work experience and enhance their CVs.

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“I'm going to miss this program so much, but I'm so glad there are going to be more sessions in the Winter and Spring! ”

“Thank you for this amazing BRAINterns opportunity! It made me want to go into the field of neurology that much more!”

“This series had so many great aspects to it, and really enhanced my understanding of neuroscience and medicine!”

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