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Lenox Hill Neurosurgery BRAINterns Program

Interested in a career in healthcare? Want to work closely with renowned surgeons, PAs, NPs and administrative staff at Lenox Hill Hospital's Neurosurgery Department? Looking for a way to increase your work experience and enhance your CV's? Lenox Hill Neurosurgery's BRAINterns program is right for you!

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Lenox Hill Neurosurgery's BRAINterns Program

The BRAINterns Webinar Series is a groundbreaking program offered by Lenox Hill Hospital's Department of Neurosurgery for anyone interested in healthcare. Due to popular demand, we will be offering this free  program for the fourth consecutive year, enabling students to gain valuable “shadowing” experience via Zoom. Through webinars on relevant topics led by leaders from the Lenox Hill Neurosurgery Department and projects focused on the ins and outs of applying to medical school, working for a neurosurgical practice, surgical video editing, and innovation in the clinical research world, students will get an opportunity to learn from renowned surgeons, PAs, NPs, and administrative staff to increase their work experience and enhance their CVs!

Registration is officially open for the BRAINterns Summer Webinar Series 2023! We look forward to meeting you virtually. 


Questions about the program? Please email Lenox Hill Neurosurgery Project Manager Hannah Flam at